Temecula 7-Day Forecast


Fun Facts about Temecula Weather


Like most parts of southern California, the city of Temecula has a Mediterranean climate. Temecula averages about 276 sunny days each year, making it a popular tourist destination.

With an average high temperature of 78 degrees and a record high of 115, it isn’t surprising that Temecula remains pretty warm for most of the year.

Temecula experiences more precipitation during “El Nino” years but the city’s average rainfall is only 13.5 inches. Most of that rain falls throughout the coldest months, December, January and February.

A morning marine layer is often seen throughout May and June. Occasional monsoon rains produce isolated thunderstorms and humidity during Temecula’s hottest months, July, August, and September.

The infamous Santa Ana winds typically blow through Temecula beginning in late fall and last into the winter months, creating extremely dry conditions.

Even though Temecula’s weather is pretty predictable, the city has experienced its share of strange weather.

Check out these fun facts about Temecula’s unique climate:

  • Even during winter months, the average low is 50 degrees but the lowest temperature ever recorded was a chilling 14 degrees.
  • Snow is extremely rare in Temecula but the city received a small amount in 2014.
  • In 2005, an F1 tornado touched down, damaging hundreds of trees at the Temecula Creek Golf Course. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.
  • Temecula lies on and near several of California’s largest faults, including the Elsinore fault, the San Andreas, and the San Jacinto fault. As a result, the city experiences its fair share of earthquakes. The largest shaker to hit Southern California in recent history was a 7.1 magnitude quake. Many Temecula residents felt the quake, even though it was centered in Ridgecrest, about 166 miles away.
  • Temecula is an excellent place to play golf. There are seven green, lush golf courses in the city and many more nearby.
  • Temecula’s warm weather and Mediterranean climate also provides the perfect growing conditions for grapes. Temecula Valley Wine Country has many award-winning wineries and also plays host to several wine festivals annually.
  • Temecula means “where the sun breaks through the mist”. The name is derived from the Indian word “Temecunga”.

A Beautiful Day in Temecula Valley Wine Country

picture of vineyard at leoness cellars in temecula, ca